World Thinking Day happens every 22 February and is a chance for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts across the world to think about each other, the worldwide movement they’re part of, and important issues.

In 2024, the theme of World Thinking Day is Our World, Our Thriving Future. It will be a chance to learn about how girls and young women can build a  better future where all girls live in an environmentally sustainable world free of poverty.

In 2022, the theme was Our World, Our Equal Future, and in 2023 the theme was Our World, Our Peaceful World. This year’s theme, Our World, Our Thriving Future, continues the journey exploring crucial global issues through looking at environmental sustainability, gender equality, peace, and poverty.

Rainbows can find out how much plastic they use in a day in Waste of Time encourage their community to value their local wildlife in  Nature neighbours and find out the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy in Action for energy.

Brownies can think about changing the way they use plastic in Unfantastic plastic. They can also find out why animals are in danger in All creatures great and small, make a minibeast house in  Bottle mansion and learn what happens when a new species is introduced to an environment in insect invaders. Brownies can then take it further by learning about their rights and climate change in the My rights interest badge.

Guides can get creative and make their own ecosystem in a plastic bottle as part of Plastic planting and find out why wildlife is at risk and how to help in Go wild. Take a stand against climate change and learn about the Global Goals with Global goalie and discover how to reduce their carbon footprint in carbon calculator. In their own time, Guides can find out how to use their voice to create change with the Human rights interest badge.