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4th Sandown Brownies were very pleased to welcome a visiting Brownie and Spark from Canada recently.
Now with Girlguiding IW having a website www.Girlguidingisleofwight it is easier for all the members to link with Girlguiding members around the World. It was via the website that Brownie mum Toni Copping got in touch with Girlguiding IW from her home in Montreal, Canada. Toni said in her communication that her family would soon be making a visit to the Island to stay with other family members who live in Ventnor. She was particularly hoping that her daughters Chloe (8) who is a Brownie and Anna (5) who is a Spark (the name for girls aged 5-7 who would be Rainbows in the UK) could visit a Brownie unit on the Island and join in with the Brownies fun, games and activities.P1050061 - Copy P1050062 - Copy P1050063 - Copy P1050068 - Copy
All arrangements went as planned and the family from Canada which included dad Adam, who moved from the UK to Canada 16years ago, joined in a meeting with the 4th Sandown Brownie Unit. Chloe and Anna wore their Brownie and Spark uniforms which comprise blue T-shirts and neckers with a maple leaf motif. Chloe also showed the Sandown Brownies her Brownie Book and explained that she and Anna attend their meetings at Pincourt, Quebec where they speak both English and French.
At the meeting the Brownies had decided that it would be good if something that could represent the Island could be made by all the girls so Angela Smith (Brown Owl) obtained model yachts for every girl to make. Sails were decorated and the boats painted in a selection of colours. All the girls enjoyed the activity and the boats made by Chloe and Anna will travel back to Canada with them.
As well as this activity games were played in the garden outside the meeting hall, drinks and chocolate biscuits enjoyed and the meeting ended with singing special Brownie songs.
To conclude everyone wished the visitors from Canada well and promised to keep up the new friendships before Brown Owl Angela presented Chloe and Anna with Brownie and Rainbow bags as a memento of their visit to the Island.