Shanklin Brownies have raised £100-00 for special chairs at the Mountbatten Hospice by helping out at home. This also helped towards their Charity Badge. All the Brownies also designed a poster after discussions on Charity. Another badge they have been working for is Aviation .

For their Aviation Badge activities included how to make and fly a paper plane and a visit to the Wight Aviation Museum at Sandown Airport.

At the airport museum the Brownies discovered the history of flight with special emphasis on flyers from the Isle of Wight.  There is a full-size Black Arrow Rocket on display as well as biplanes, planes, model planes, flying wear and memorabilia relating to the history of flight. This museum certainly celebrates the Island’s aviation history and a lot more.

All the Brownies made more paper planes during the visit and there was a race to see which plane flew the longest distance. After seeing the displays and asking some thought-provoking questions on flight through the ages, it was time for a game on the grass outside the museum. What better and more appropriate than one of the Brownies favourite games- “Parachute”.