Good breezes, sunshine and some showers greeted the fleet of over 1000 boats in this year’s Round the Island Race which, as ever, was organised by the Island Sailing Club.

A later than in some years first cannon at 8:00 am made for a more civilized start. How much better than having to get going in the near dark which has happened on several occasion when first cannons have been around 5am.

However even with a good breeze the first boat home multihull (Grand Prix & MOCRA Racing) NRB took four hours 19 minutes and 36 seconds and only six boats beat the five- hour mark. The bulk of the fleet were off Ryde in the early evening. Just under 900 boats finished with the last one being at sea for over 11 hours and finishing at just past 9pm.

Line Honours:

GBR820M N.R.B 04:19:36                                                              

GBR7 ROADRUNNER RACING 04:24:40                                                               

GBR755M KITTIWAKE 04:40:35                                                   

GBR750R DARK’N’STORMY 04:54:08                                                         

GBR1542 KHUMBU 04:55:11                                                        

FRA3 SPIRIT OF POOLE 04:58:00                                                                 

After handicap calculations overall standings saw the 4th boat to cross the line Dark’N’Stormy the winner of the Golden Roman Bowl. Entered by Ian Atkins this boat is in class IRC Division 0. 2nd was Khumbu and 3rd – Baraka GP. Both of these boats are in IRC Division  0 also.

Photos from Paul Wyeth.