Red Funnel to add more Red Jet crossings from Monday 11 April, with departures every 35 min during peak times

With travel getting back to pre-Covid levels Red Funnel has announced a new Hi-Speed Red Jet timetable for its Southampton to Cowes route, offering passengers more frequent crossings. This new timetable will take effect from Monday, 11th April and adds a total of 40 additional crossings to the operator’s timetable over the week.

During the peak Monday to Friday morning commute, Red Jet crossings from West Cowes will depart every 35 minutes starting at 06:05 through to 09:35, and from Southampton every 35 minutes between 05:30 and 09:00. On weekdays, the Red Jet peak evening service will start at 15:35 from West Cowes, with crossings every 35 min up to 19:05. From Southampton, crossings will be offered every 35 min, starting at 15:00 through to 18:30.

The last crossings of the day (7 days a week) will depart at 23:10 from Southampton and 23:45 from Cowes.

The timetable adjustments will also enable greater connectivity for customers travelling to/from London via South Western Railway. Red Funnel’s Quayconnect bus service timetable will also be updated to reflect the new Red Jet arrival and departure times. The existing Red Jet timetable will end on Sunday 10th April, to be replaced with the new timetable from Monday 11th April.