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Rainbows, the youngest members of Girlguiding, recently attended a special day with leaders to undertake ‘The World On My Doorstep Badge’ which has an international theme.

This event was held at The Barns, Barton Manor by kind permission of the owners and all the Rainbows were from Girlguiding IW’s Puckpool Section.

Organised by the Puckpool Section Commissioner Ann-Marie Kitcher and other Rainbow Guiders from this Section, this event gave all the girls the opportunity to complete a variety of activities and all the Rainbows went home with a bag full of goodies made by themselves.

Included in the Badge Day were activities from around the World allowing the girls to discover new skills and learn about games and traditions from other countries as well as the UK.

Activities included making a lei,creating different shapes with origami, using chop sticks, making masks and crowns, decorating pictures with coloured sand and a flap the fish race. To remind the girls of UK traditions they all enjoyed a Somerset Apple drink.

Almost 100 attended the event which ended with traditional songs.P1040860 - CopyP1040867 - CopyP1040870 - CopyP1040873 - CopyP1040880 - Copy