Beavers11th Newport Rainbows linked up with Newport Beavers for a celebration to commemorate Girlguiding and Scouting special events.
On the 22nd of February both organisations hold events to remember the founders of Scouting and Guiding- Lord Robert and Lady Olave Baden-Powell. This day was chosen as it was the birthday of both but different names are given to the celebrations for the separate organiations.
Members of Scouting call the day ‘Founders Day’ whilst Girlguiding call it ‘World Thinking Day’ as it is a day when the 10 million members of Girlguiding across the World think of each other.
Whilst at the special meeting in Newport all the Rainbows and Beavers enjoyed action songs based on Baden Powell and games based on the different countries around the World where there is Scouting and Guiding.