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1st Parkhurst Rainbows and Brownies recently completed the Pizza Challenge by taking part in a variety of activities involving Pizzas.
Activities at meetings included: Making sweet pizzas and making pizza baguettes whilst a visit to Pizza Hut involved the girls making their own Pizza and enjoying ice cream.

Another popular activity was Italian night when the Rainbows and Brownies used paper plates and cups to build their own Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Guider Kim Arnell said “The girls all enjoyed their Pizza/Pisa activities and now we are working on something quite different- a Search and Rescue badge. For the coming weeks more special activities are planned for both the Rainbows and Brownies. We are having a visit from the crew of the Cowes Lifeboat, a farm visit to see the horses, welcoming ‘Ability for Dogs’ to a meeting and joining in a Easter Fun Day”

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