New Region Chief Commissioner is Announced

Laura Cottey

Girlguiding have announced the appointment of Laura Cottey as Girlguiding South West England’s new Chief Commissioner.

Laura will be known to some of you already, having been involved in Guiding across four of SW England Region Counties.  She is currently an Assistant Leader with Shipton Bellinger Brownies in Wiltshire South and holds a Girlguiding role as Lead Volunteer for Growth, Retention and Collaboration. She spoke at the Region’s Membership, Growth and Retention Conferences in 2019 and 2020 where Isle of Wight members of the Island’s Growth and Retention committee were in attendance. At the Zoom G & R Conference in November 2020 she was presented with a special award which was a great surprise to Laura.

Laura will commence her appointment on 1st June.  She says she is ‘extremely honoured to take on the role’, and you will be able to read her message to the Region’s Volunteers in the Region’s April Newsletter.