Lendy sponsor Cowes Week Fireworks.

Cowes Week Ltd is delighted that this year’’s fireworks finale – to be named Lendy Cowes Week Fireworks – will go ahead, after months of speculation about its future. For some months it has been unclear whether the renowned display, that is appreciated by locals, competitors and spectators alike, would go ahead. Now, recently-announced new Title Sponsor, Lendy – The Property Platform, is very keen to preserve this iconic finale to the regatta and has generously pledged support to secure this year’’s display.

The Cowes Fireworks Committee – formed of regatta organisers, Cowes Week Limited, Cowes Town Waterfront Trust, Isle of Wight Council, Cowes Town Council and the Cowes Business Association – wish to extend their thanks in particular to Lendy but also to all those that have given generously to the fundraising effort and played their part in ensuring this year’s display can take place. In addition to Lendy, key supporters this year are Red Funnel, Cowes Week Ltd, Cowes Town Council, local yacht clubs and Cowes Town Waterfront Trust.

The popular Cowes fireworks display has taken place on the final Friday of Cowes Week since the very earliest days of the regatta and is viewed by many as an intrinsic part of the onshore festivities. It is an event for the community and the funding model has evolved in recent years to better reflect this, however, this year funding had fallen short before Lendy’’s support.

This year’s display will take place on Friday 4th August at 9.30pm and the best places to view the display ashore are Cowes Parade, Castle Hill, Holy Trinity Church garden, Princes Green (as far as Egypt Point), and East Cowes Promenade. There is also the chance to watch the display from the water, courtesy of Red Funnel and their Fireworks Cruises.

Commenting on what to expect of this year’s fireworks display, Kate Johnson, Commercial & Marketing Director at CWL said: “We’re thrilled that Lendy has not only committed to an initial three year title sponsorship of Cowes Week but also that the peer-to-peer investment company has agreed to be the primary supporter of this year’s display.  Those watching the fireworks display this year may notice a predominant blue theme, as a thank you to Lendy, who use blue as their prime brand colour.”

Liam Brooke, Co-Founder and Director of Lendy said:  “We’re very pleased to be able to provide funding to enable the traditional firework display to go ahead.  The fireworks are synonymous with Cowes Week.  We wouldn’t have wanted for them to have not gone ahead in the first year of our title sponsorship.”

Visitors to Lendy Cowes Week on Friday 4th August will also enjoy the additional entertainment provided by a display from from the iconic Red Arrows at 7.30pm. This display is brought to the regatta courtesy of support from Artemis Investment Management.

This year’’s regatta takes place 29th July – 5th August.