‘HMS Victory’ Navy Strength Gin

Trafalgar Day is the celebration of the victory won by the Royal Navy, commanded by Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson, over the combined French and Spanish fleets at the Battle of Trafalgar on 21 October 1805.

Perhaps to commemorate the battle The Isle of Wight Distillery has launched the first of four batches of its Limited Edition Oak Aged HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin at a special event held on board the HMS Victory in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard on Tuesday 18 th October 2016.

The gin has been aged in an oak barrel containing wood from HMS Victory and a special event has been organised at home of the legendary ship, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

This is the first of four batches made using the barrel, with just 251 bottles per batch.

The gin recreates the style drunk by naval officers at the time of the Battle of Trafalgar, according to Isle of Wight Distillery.

It has been developed in partnership with the National Museum of the Royal Navy and a percentage of the sales will go towards the ongoing restoration of HMS Victory.

Further batches are due to be released over the next five years.