BD1 - CopyAround 50 Guides who are members of Girlguiding Isle of Wight attended a ‘Badge Day’ on the 1st February.

Held at St. George’s School, Newport, the day was organised by Guide leaders and was planned to enable the Guides to improve their knowledge on a selection of topics.

All the Guides had the chance to work for badges during the morning and afternoon sessions which were led by the Guiders, Assistant Guiders and helpers from the girls units.

With the choice of four badges available, on the day, all the Guides had the chance to study two topics of their choice to enhance their skills or to learn new ones.

Included in the topics were: Active Response, Independent Living, Personal Safety and Music Zone.

All the activities proved very popular with the Guides and all the girls had the chance to meet Guides from units other than their own and to make new friends.

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