Two events have taken place recently for members of Girlguiding.

During the Summer a past member of Binstead Guides returned to the Island for a visit from her home in Australia. Jennie Thompson was a Guide with the Binstead Company in the 1970s and was to become one of the first there to be awarded a Queen’s Guides Badge.

Jennie, now Jennie White, was visiting her mother who still lives on the Island and whilst here found out about ‘Moments in Time’ a book recalling the 100 years of Girlguiding on the Isle of Wight. Jennie purchased a copy of the book and read it through with her mother recalling many of the events and activities over the years that she had attended whilst living here, before returning home to Australia.

By way of a Thank You to all the Girlguiding IW Leaders, Young Leaders and helpers Island Commissioners Shirley Saunders and Lesley Clifford arranged a Thank You Tea Party.

Held at Brown’s Golf Course, Sandown the event saw leaders and their families enjoy an afternoon of tea, cakes and good conversation and for those who wanted to play- a round of golf.

A pleasant time was had by all those attending the event and a warm sunny day added to the enjoyment.