Exciting events for Autumn and Winter.

Units across the Island have been busy with regular meetings plus some exciting events. Lots of badges and awards have been gained and girls report having an exciting time when undertaking Girlguiding activities.

All the Rainbow Units (for girls aged 4-7) have been involved with a selection of activities. Highlights include:

11th Newport completing the Amey sponsored badge which included a litter pick and learning about the benefits of cycle tracks etc for nature, pedestrians and also other road users.  Making rocky roads to learn how roads are built and Turtle showing the Rainbows what she got up to during a 1940’s weekend which neatly fitted into Guiding History.

They also received a letter from the Queen at Balmoral, shortly before her death, thanking them for Jubilee cards which had been sent in June. They worked on recycling of materials, built junk models and robot and built sweet structures which fitted in with the construction badge activity.

One Rainbow completed every interest badge despite only starting in April of this year.

10th Newport Rainbow Unit continue to grow and go from strength to strength. The group is now feeling like an established unit and the girls are incredibly inclusive and supportive of one another. Activities have been similar to 11th Newport and17 girls made their Promise before half term. One leaver headed to 11th Newport Brownies and more new starters will be welcomed November.

Sandown Rainbows: Have a new leader who has come in with enthusiasm and gusto. They have been working hard at completing the’ know myself reflect 1 theme’ learning about each other, guiding and being a Rainbow as well as working towards getting their animal lover badge.

1st Northwood/ Gurnard: have been working towards the communicate stage 1 skill builders, and learning a lot about the Queen, following her death. Recently a Rainbow started who uses makaton so others have also been doing a little bit of makaton each week. Before the October half term 5 new Rainbows made their Promise.

1st Brighstone and Shorwell Rainbows – Visited reptilarium in Yarmouth, nature, recycling, make change stage 1 and handed out 4 awards.

2nd Northwood Rainbows – Well what a term they have had with now 9 Rainbows that regularly attend. They have completed the nature badge and almost completed camp. stage 1. Girls have enjoyed learning some action songs, and the first Rainbow made her Promise before half-term.

East Cowes – The unit welcomed Andree as a new leader. She has the name of Eyore. New raindrops joined and made 3 promises at our last meeting. 1 Rainbow has excitingly gone to Brownies. Some Rainbows are completing the ‘skills for the future’ and ‘take action’ theme awards. The eldest Rainbow hopes to get her gold award before leaving us for Brownies. Currently there are 9 regular Rainbows attending. They received a thank you card from the Queen’s lady in waiting for our Jubilee cards and Pelican volunteered in London for the Queen’s funeral. This term a panto trip and a Christmas church service are coming up and they are also taking part in the Whippingham Christmas Tree Festival.


1st Brighstone and Shorwell Brownies: Visited reptilarium in Yarmouth, did charities badge and donated to food bank, and are doing’ make change stage 2′.

2nd Northwood Brownies: Had a visit from the marching band and food bank and donated to the food bank. Charities badge gained.

1st Totland Brownies: Charities badge gained plus explore and aviation badges.

1st Carisbrooke Brownies; Enjoyed a Festival Evening reliving the Isle of Wight Festival which took place in June and undertook some science experiments.

Getting ready for ‘The Festival’.


11th Newport Guides: Recently, have made pizzas, had CPR training, made cards for Joan at Blackwater Mill, completed coin shields to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II alongside our usual programme nights. To come soon, is a talk with The Woodland Trust (with making bird feeders as well), Remembrance Week, Parliament Week, trips to the Mary Rose Experience, the cinema and a fundraising evening.

1st Carisbrooke Guides: have been very busy. Some members attended the special Church Service for HM The Queen with some girls taking the collection. Two members of Carisbrooke Guides, Emily and Keira have been selected to attend an international trip to Austria next year. To raise funds for the trip all the other members at Carisbrooke Guides plus members of Girlguiding IW across the Island are holding a special raffle. Please support them if you can by purchasing a ticket. There are some excellent prizes.

In addition to this the Guides have had fun at a Sparklers and Smores evening.

Every year during November members of Girlguiding across the UK celebrate Parliament Week with Carisbrooke Guides making a visit to County Hall, Newport.  A trip to the Mary Rose in Portsmouth, joining in the Remembrance Parade at Newport and a visit to JR Zones made for a busy November.

Bay Guides: Have undertaken a variety of activities including looking at aspect of health- keeping fit, exercise and general wellbeing.