Brownies from the 10th Newport Unit were certainly on top of the World recently when members undertook tree climbing.

Following instructions from the team at Goodleaf Tree Climbing which is based in Ryde all the Brownies enjoyed their exploits which took them into the treetops to some 30+metres.

Following health and safety instructions which included finding out how to wear the climbing kit and helmet all the girls were very keen to reach the hammocks which were placed in the branches of a very large tree situated in Appley Park.

After the event Felicity Harris (Leader) said “The Brownies had a fantastic time and can’t wait to go again. 15 girls attended and they all had a fantastic time climbing high into the oak canopy.  A couple of the Brownies even made it into the hammocks that are strung high up.  After they had finished climbing, we sat under the shade of another oak tree to have a picnic lunch and played games with our parachute. Goodleaf is always brilliant.  The guys who run it are so good with the girls, giving clear instructions and support that gives the girls the confidence to do it.”

As well as being very excited about climbing the tree and seeing how the World looks from a height the Brownies learned how to tie knots and work as a team.