4th Sandown Brownies and their leaders have been climbing high recently thanks to fun adventures organised by Kingswood Centre at Bembridge.

After spotting the chance of experiencing new activities such as wall climbing and Aeroball the Sandown Unit could not wait to get going.

Kingswood welcomed champions of outdoor learning from schools and groups to join them for talks and activity taster sessions. This event, ‘Inspiring a Resilient Mindset ‘ was a free educational session and the centre’s Head of Impact and Learning, Dr John Allan shared research-informed, practical ways to develop resilience and a growth mindset in young people, According to Dr. Allan by combining interactive outdoor learning and reflection young people thrive, think more clearly, and support a journey of personal growth in their everyday lives.

23 Brownies, 1 Leader and 9 adults from Sandown attended with 4 adults undertaking the training, whilst the others looked after the girls for the first session. For the rest of the time everyone was together to enjoy the activities,

All the Brownies had fun doing the following activities: Aeroball, Indoor Climbing Wall, Problem Solving and Leap of Faith.

Angela Smith leader of the 4th Sandown Brownie Unit said, “ The time spent at Kingswood was brilliant”