Brownies by the hundred together with leaders made their way to the IW Steam Railway at Havenstreet on mid-summer day.

This special meet-up for all the Brownies on the Island formed part of the Big Brownie Birthday (100 Years) celebrations which commenced in January with the, still talked of, Masked Ball.

Overall three special Big Brownie Birthday celebrations have been planned for the Island girls and this latest one entitled ‘Star Quest’ proved as popular as the Masked Ball with all the Brownies enjoying a spectacular variety of activities culminating in a ride on the IW Steam Railway.

Special decorated trains were the order of the day, each one allocated just to Brownies and leaders. Noise was at a maximum and excitement levels in top gear as the journeys to Smallbrook Junction and Wootton progressed and there were loud screams in the tunnel.

Picnics were held in the grounds of the venue and the special activities which had themes of Past, Present and Future included: Decorating headbands for Festivals and a very large Birthday present, making parachutes and hair decorations, making flower pots and sowing seeds of Forget-me-nots and thinking how to make things with re-cycled materials.

Visiting the woods proved popular but the star of the day was the train with some Brownies and Island Commissioner Deborah Meadows making a visit to the foot plate on the steam engine ‘Freshwater’.

In all eight activities were undertaken gaining all the girls eight stars to complete their ‘Star Quest’.

This event was planned by  Brownie Section Commissioners for the Island Felicity Harris, Katie Charlton, Angela Smith and Colette Atkins and activities were led by leaders except the flower pot activity which was led by members of the Trefoil Guild.