Two new exhibitions are to be staged at Dimbola, Freshwater Bay soon.

Commencing on the 15th April the two new exhibitions are:

‘In Search of Lost Time’  which explores the connection between photographer John Brewer’s grandfathers, two men who fought in both World Wars. The genesis of the project was Brewer’s desire to know more about these two men, particularly his maternal grandfather who he barely remembers. In order to achieve this, he has drawn inspiration from what remains: objects that either belonged to them, such as mementos kept by their descendants, or found objects similar to those they used in their life and work, including watches, wood planes and carpet making tools.


‘The Lotte Meitner-Graf Portraits’ which compares Lotte’s work to that of Julia Margaret Cameron .In the 1920’s a young Lotte Graf started her 50 year career creating portraits using a view camera, readycoated glass plates and chemistry in a studio in Vienna, later moving to 23 Old Bond Street in London. In this exhibition the work of the two female photographers is compared and in spite of their differences, they had much in common.

Both exhibitions will run until 10th July.