COVID-19- Advice/ IW Info./ Girlguiding Info. as at 4. 1. 2021.

 From IW Council

Isle of Wight statement on the launch of the COVID-19 vaccination hub at St Mary’s Hospital
Isle of Wight Council leader, Dave Stewart, said: “This is truly fantastic news. The launch of the COVID-19 vaccination hub at St Mary’s Hospital, Newport, will, I’m sure, prove to be a pivotal moment in the battle against the pandemic.”


Islanders are being urged to use the latest national lockdown to “review and reset” their behaviours amid soaring cases of coronavirus which threaten to overwhelm local health and care services.

Isle of Wight Council leader, Dave Stewart, called on residents to redouble their efforts and follow the national lockdown rules to stop the spread of the new, more transmissible variant of the virus.

He said: “We must strive to do everything in our power to prevent local services reaching capacity as they have elsewhere. The outcome is in our hands and we must grasp this opportunity to defeat the virus and rebuild our lives.

Once again, the Island can show its true community spirit by rising to the challenge we face and doing what is required of us. If everyone does what is being asked, we will come through safely.”

The latest lockdown comes as the Island recorded nearly 1,200 new cases in one week bringing the rate of infection close to 850 per 100,000 population – far greater than the national average of 520 cases per 100,000 population.

The Island figure had stood at just 21 per 100,000 at the start of last month.

Councillor Stewart said: “If our whole community was following the government’s guidelines, especially in relation to social distancing, then the number of cases would not be increasing at such a rate.

“We must continue to protect ourselves from a virus which is now more contagious and between 50 and 70 per cent more transmissible.

“We know this virus is spread by contact so if we do not move around and mix then the virus will not move around either.”

As with the first lockdown last March, people cannot leave their homes except for certain reasons such as essential medical needs, food shopping, exercise and work for those who cannot do so from home.

All schools and colleges have closed to most pupils, with remote learning until February half-term.

Early years settings such as nurseries can remain open.

Restaurants can continue to offer delivery for food, but takeaway alcohol will be banned.

A pop-up drive-through coronavirus mobile testing unit will be available on the Island from Friday 8 January and will be available for at least the next three weeks.

Given the increase in cases and demand for tests, additional testing capacity has been set up to ease the pressure on the current facility at Newclose County Cricket Club, Blackwater Road, Newport.

The mobile testing unit will be at 1Leisure Medina, Newport. It will be open seven days a week, including Sundays, from 9.30am until 3pm.

The COVID-19 testing centre at Newclose has also extended its opening hours to 9am until 4pm (Monday to Saturday) in order to carry out more tests as needed.



Please also remember that if you have symptoms you must self-isolate and arrange for a test, either by calling 119 or through a home test booking via

Useful contacts:

  • PHE Hampshire and Isle of Wight Health Protection Team, tel: 0344 225 3861 (select option 2). 

Meanwhile, residents can help to #KeepTheIslandSafe by taking the following simple steps to limit the spread of the virus:

  • Wear a face covering in enclosed environments.
  • Maintain social distancing.
  • Self-isolate when infection is suspected or confirmed.


For travel/holiday advice see ‘Where To Stay’.

For COVID 19 Advice on Girlguiding Face to Face Meetings see ‘For Leaders’+ new information for 2nd Lockdown starting on 5th November 2020 here:

From 5 November, England is going into a four-week lockdown.

No face-to-face guiding meetings can happen throughout the lockdown – indoors or outdoors. This includes adult volunteer meetings or training sessions. The lockdown replaces the tier system in England for this period.

We will review guidance at the end of the four-week period on 2 December and update volunteers as soon as we have more information. Remember you can still meet virtually with your unit – take a look at the virtual meeting guidance – and we would encourage you to do so. We may not be able to meet in person but we know that girls need Girlguiding more than ever in these difficult times.

On the Isle of Wight some units are having virtual meetings via Zoom. Facebook (closed groups) and other IT outlets. Girls undertake games and activities and can show each other which badge they are completing as well as seeing Guiding friends who they can’t see in a face to face situation.

Letter to parents:

April 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

During this strange time of lockdown across the UK we wanted to send a brief message to all our members and families to let them know we are still thinking of you all.

Although we cannot take part in our regular unit meetings, Girlguiding can still carry on in a wide variety of ways.

Some of your local leaders may be regularly communicating with you via your individual unit Facebook groups however not all Leaders have this as an option and Girlguiding Isle of Wight would like to share some of the ways our young members can carry on with Guiding activities.

Our County forums; website and Facebook pages are being regularly updated with activities and messages and all parents are welcome to join these pages.
As well as some of the challenges being set, it would be fantastic to hear about some of the smaller things you may be doing; whether an act of kindness for local neighbours or keeping yourself physically active, Girlguiding Isle of Wight would love to hear your stories.

If you have been taking part in the window art galleries, the clap for the NHS, sharing your Guiding Lights or doing extra Guiding interest badges, please keep us all informed.

Girlguiding has been going since 1910 and will continue once everything gets back to normal, but in the meantime, we wish you all good health, safety and happiness at this very difficult time.

Linda Stone. Island Commissioner.

01983 520873.


The Rainbow Commissioner on the Island has sent a special message to all Rainbows :

Hello Rainbows,
We are all so sorry that we won’t be able to meet as usual every week for now. It can feel scary when things change quickly but remember that your grown-ups and other adults are doing what we think is the best thing to keep you healthy and safe.

Even though we won’t see each other every week I hope you will carry on doing Rainbow things at home.
Don’t forget you can choose interest badges from your badge book at home to work on. How about the helper badge to start with?

I want you all to remember your Rainbow promise, especially the part about being kind and helpful.
The promise is:

I promise that I will do my best,
to think about my beliefs,
and to be kind and helpful.

Please don’t forget to Keep washing those hands!!


Be Well

  • Collect seeds from fruits and vegetables when your grown up is making dinner- peppers are great options! Find a nice spot on the windowsill to dry them out in a bowl ready to be planted.
  • Play hide and seek with your teddies: ask your grown up or sibling to hide them for you to find! Blow up a balloon and play keepy-uppies or balloon karate. If it hits the ground, you lose!
  • Make up a song or poem about your favourite fruit or vegetable to try and encourage others to eat it too. Look at the food packets in your cupboards. Do any of them have fruits or vegetables in them? Which ones do you think are the healthiest?
  • Play the memory game: find a few objects and place them on the table. Make sure you remember what objects you have found. Get a grown up to cover them with a towel and take one away. When they take the towel off, see if you can guess what object is missing!
  • Learn a lullaby and sing it to a younger sibling when it’s bed time.
  • Ask an adult to teach you the recovery position. Can you put them in it too?
  • Make yourself a fruit salad. Try and add something you wouldn’t normally try.
  • Play catch! If you can’t go outside, screw up a piece of paper and use it as a ball to avoid breaking anything!
  • Make up a dance to your favourite song. Perform it to your adult or siblings.
  • Find a board game you haven’t played in a while. Challenge someone in your family to a game.
  • Make bowling pins out of empty bottles and create your own bowling alley. Be careful when you throw the ball, a hallway is best!
  • Have a Scrabble or a Jenga tournament!
  • Take silly pictures with an old camera or phone. Make sure you ask before you take someone’s photo though!
  • Make a fruit sculpture! Maybe make a smiley face out of grapes, or use cocktail sticks to make a strawberry sculpture.
  • Put on old adult t-shirts, stuff them with pillows and pretend to be sumo wrestlers. Mind your heads!
  • Complete a puzzle. Can you think of the best way to finish one?

Have Adventures
• Take a small box outside and fill it with as many things as you can in 15 minutes. Count them up and give yourself a point for everyone.

  • Create your own scavenger hunt: Make a list of all the things you might find inside or outside and race to see who can find them all first!
  • Make an indoor zip wire for your cuddly toys using string and a hanger with pegs. Tie your string across the room, one end higher than the other. Peg your cuddly to your hanger and hook them on the string. Watch them go!
  • Make nature rubbings: get a crayon and some paper and find as many different textures as you can. Put your paper on top and rub the crayon over the paper.
  • Hold a mini Olympics!
  • Run, skip, hula hoop, dance, jump! Go out in to the garden or stay indoors, but make sure you have a nice clear space. Maybe you could create an obstacle course for you and your adult to try.
  • Make a mud pie. Ask for an old pot of container and find some mud! Just remember not to eat it.
  • Draw the seasons. What colours will you use for each one?
  • Grow a plant. Use seeds from dinnertime or seeds from the cupboards. Make sure to keep watering them and keep them in the sunlight. How high can your plant grow?
  • Do a creature survey. Choose a minibeast and go outside and count how many you see.
  • Ask your grownup to download the NASA app and tell you when there’s going to be a space walk. Go outside and wave to them!
  • Pretend you’re on holiday. Write a postcard to a friend to tell them all about it.
  • Spot moths! When it’s dark outside, take a torch and see what bugs are attracted to it.
  • Make a blanket fort and cuddle up with your teddies or your adult.
  • Get ready for bed by torchlight, pretend you’re camping in the dark- that way you’ll be ready if the light ever stops working!
  • Make your teddy a passport and help them travel around the world. Teach them something about different countries (ask your adult to find you a good website to help) and give them a stamp for each one.
  • Make a map of your house. Can you figure out which way is North/South/East/West is by where the sun sets? (Tip: the sun sets in the west!)

Skills for my Future
• Make perfume out of flower petals: pick some petals (check with your adult first!) then soak in water.
• Balance stones. Find some flat pebbles outside and bring them indoors. See who can make the biggest tower.
• Make a sandwich for your grown up.
• Make up a board game. Write the rules, create the board and the pieces and invite someone to play!
• Help your grown up with the washing. If the sun is shining, why not take some into the garden and wash it in a soapy bucket?
• Celebrate your favourite book by putting on a show.
• Make a musical shaker. Use a bottle, fill it with rice, pasta or small stones and make sure you close the lid properly!
• Investigate how different fillings make
• different noises.
• Design a new town. Where will the roads, houses and schools go? Don’t forget the fun things like zoos and libraries!
• Search around the house for all the loose change you can find. Add it up and decide what to spend it on!
• Write a book review for your favourite book. Talk about the characters and your favourite part but don’t give away the ending!
• Design a puppet. Give it moving parts and a name. Can you make up a comedy routine?
• Invent something new! Draw it and write about how useful it would be. Can you make it? Try and convince someone that it would be super important.
• Make a bridge out of materials in your home. Paper, card and straws are all great options. A good tip, triangles are a strong shape!
• Make a boat out of paper or card. Think about how to make it waterproof and float. Test it in the bath or sink. Can you make two and race them by blowing them across the water?
• Make and fly a home- made kite. You will need paper, string, tape and the wind!
• Learn to make a cup of tea. Ask your adult to
• supervise and promise to make them more!
• Make a sundial. Find a straight and stick it to a plate with bluetak or playdough. Put it outside and watch the ways the shadows move throughout the day.
• Make a rain gauge: ask a grown up to cut the top off of a big empty bottle. Place some stones in the bottom and then, using a ruler and a marker pen, make marks up the side every 5mm. Put the bottle top, upside down, into the bottle like a funnel. Place the bottle outside and check how much rain falls each night!

Know Myself
• Create a family tree! Ask a grown up to help you if you’re not sure. How far back can people in your house remember? If you’d prefer, try and make a family tree for someone famous, or even a cartoon!
• Draw a picture of your favourite animal doing the things it loves. Look after an animal in your home. don’t forget they are probably a little bored too!
• Make a list of things you would like to know about your favourite animal. Ask a grown up to show you a website where you can find it all out
• Design a flag for you, or a crest for your family. What colours will you include? What animals would represent your family?
• Make your own pet. You could make it out of anything you find: a sock, a pine cone, a rock or even a cereal box! Give it a name and don’t forget to feed and walk it around the house!
• Draw around your hand and choose five people who are really special to you. Have a go at writing their names on each finger.
• Think of your favourite animal. Make a mask and find clothes that are the right colour. Pretend to be them.
• Create a badge for some special people in your life. Who helps you at home or at school? What kind of people are they? Can you think of some special names for them, or some nice words to describe them.
• Make a poster of all of your favourite things. What would a new friend want to know about you?
• Write a newspaper article about something that interests you or something happening in your family.
• Put together a newspaper with all your news!
• Write a list of all your friends and one thing you like about them. What qualities do they have that you could try and have?
• Go stargazing. Can you spot the constellation that matches your star sign?
• Think about what you want to be when you grow up and pretend to be them for a day. Can you make a fireman’s hat or help an adult with some DIY?

Express Myself
• Make glue with flour by adding a little bit of water and stirring. Find petals and leaves outside and glue them to your paper with your flour paste.
• Paint with water! Choose a nice spot on the driveway, pavement or a paved area in your garden. Use a
• paintbrush, grass or a stick dipped in water to draw pictures on the ground!
• Draw something really big. Find a big piece of paper, a big cardboard box, or roll of long paper and make the biggest picture you can.
• Make bunting to decorate the house or the garden! Cut paper, old carrier bags or scrap fabric in to triangles. Staple, sew or pin them to string or ribbon and hang them up!
• Make a fairy out of things you find in the garden: flowers, seeds, leaves, twigs. Give her a name and find her somewhere safe to live outside or on a windowsill.
• Draw a self portrait. Could you draw yourself as an animal or a superhero?
• Make stars out of twigs. Find straight sticks and tie them in to a star shape with string.
• Write a story with yourself as the main character. Where will you go? With who? Be as imaginative as possible.
• Learn a song with actions. Ask your grown up to find you a suitable one on YouTube.
• Make funny faces in the mirror. Choose your funniest and see if you can make a grown-up laugh.
• Draw something impossible. Maybe a dream, or a scene from your favourite magical book.
• Draw pictures to represent your favourite things, or things you have to do often. Use them to communicate for an hour. Can you ask to go to the toilet or for a snack using just pictures?
• Learn the alphabet in sign language. Can you spell your name?
• Use your body to make music. Can you click your tongue, pop your lips or use your hands as a drum?
• Replicate a famous painting using paint. Or, make it bigger and use objects around the house as the colour!
• Retell a fairy tale that you know really well. Maybe you could change something about the story, or tell it from a different perspective.
• Use pens to decorate an old t-shirt. Ask your grown up first!
• Find a story from a different culture. Learn it, and think of an interesting way to tell it to someone else.
• Have a fashion show. Make it as creative as you can! Wear spots with stripes, lots of colours, or put your pants on your head!
• Think of a story you know really well and find a way to tell it in an exciting way. Could you make a puppet? Or a flip book? Or characters out of play dough?
• Make a phone out of cups (or empty tins) and string. Ask your grown up help with the cutting! Investigate how you can talk to people using them.
• Use glue, water and newspaper to Papier-mâché a balloon or a bowl. Paint a silly face on it when it’s dry.

Take Action
• Help at home. Ask your grown up what they need help with and do your best to try.
• Plan a party. Invite all your cuddly toys, or maybe the
adults in your house. Make sure there are lots of things to eat and drink- even if they are plastic!
• Make a bird feeder. Use lard or coconut oil mixed with seeds. Hang it up for the birds outside.
• Make a poster to encourage others to recycle. Make it big and bold and colourful!
• Create a hedgehog hideaway. Use bricks or logs, just make sure they are stable.
• Draw yourself as world-saving superhero. What will your superpower be? Will you be a recycling superhero? Or someone who feeds other? How will you save the world?
• Create something out of recycled items.
• Plant a kindness cup. Find a paper or plastic cup and decorate it. Fill it with soil and plant a seed. Water it, keep it in the sunlight and when it’s grown give it to a neighbour.
• Find a nice pebble and paint it. Ask your grown up to varnish it or cover it with glue to keep it shiny. Later, hide it somewhere for others to find on your way to school.



Activities for everyone (not just Girlguiding members) can be found by linking to Girlguiding (LH side of Home Page). In Adventures for All there is something to suit all tastes,  Good Luck with the activities and enjoy!.






Isle of Wight Information

Local Organisations Offering Help During Pandemic.
Local Authority (IW Council) working in conjunction with Community Action IW – co-ordinating local efforts
Support to access groceries and medication.
Volunteers also needed – Isle of Wight Coronavirus Community Help Group on Facebook
01983 823600 – open 9am to 5pm everyday
(Please do not ring The Riverside Centre number as The Riverside is closed)
E mail:


Isle of Wight Positive Minds
Support around mental health and wellbeing
Contact the Isle of Wight Safe Haven on 01983 520168 during their normal opening hours:
Monday to Friday – 5pm – 10 pm
Weekends and Bank Holidays –
10am – 10 pm
Footprint Trust
Help and advice around fuel poverty and Guidance on energy matters
01983 822282
E mail:
Citizens Advice
Issues around money, benefits, housing or employment
03444 111444
West Wight Coronavirus Support
Issues around money, benefits, housing or employment. Volunteers also needed.
01983 752168
Priority Service Registers
Ensures vulnerable people are prioritised in the event of water or electricity outage or problems with their gas supply.
0800 316 5457 (0800 316 5457 text phone)

0330 303 0277
0800 072 8625 or 0800 294 8604 if you’re a Pay As You Go customer.
Or you can contact by textphone on 18001 0800 072 8626.
Carers IW
Advice and support for unpaid Carers.
Carers IW Tel Calls – 533173 9-4pm Mon – Fri & 10-4pm Sat-Sun for urgent calls only
Carers IW Video Calls Attend Anywhere – confidential – through NHS network
Carers IW Email:
Carers IW Carers Assessments We will offer these via the telephone or video call.
All face-to-face meetings and events are suspended until further notice.
If you feel the need to have a regular telephone call with us, please do ask.
For carers caring for those with high anxiety or dementia, it may be beneficial to avoid watching the news so to reduce their anxieties, if you are struggling with any aspect of their illness please do ring us. If you have no access to online shopping or friends and family who can help you get shopping, but we are a small team, so we are looking at supporting the vulnerable of our carers. Please contact us and we may be able to assist you or put you in contact with someone who can.
Pan Together (Newport)
For those most affected by self-isolation who live within Pan, Pan Meadows and Barton.
Please phone 01983 248 170 between 9 am and 5 pm seven days a week or email
We are also looking for volunteers, particularly younger adults, to help us provide this service. Please contact us.
Pan Together will be offering:
a ‘special of the day’ meal delivery service for £4 per meal. Order by 10.30 am for a delivery between 11.30 am and 1.30 pm;
• help with essential shopping; and
• a prescription-collection service.
Coronavirus Ryde Support Hub
Ryde Town Council are working closely with Aspire Ryde and other organisations to help support residents of Ryde and the surrounding areas.
You can call 01983 811105 between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday
Residents can access:
Advice and information from Citizens Advice
Assistance for those in food poverty
Assistance for those in vulnerable situations
Assistance for those experiencing difficulties with self-Isolation
Assistance with the delivery of prescriptions
Please call in order to access these services.
Ventnor Town Council
Ventnor Town Council have set up a helpline.
Helpline: (01983) 853775 or 857848 between 09:00 and 16:00 Monday to Friday only
If Ventnor residents need –
• Help with essential shopping
• Collection of prescriptions
• Information or advice
• Dog walking
• Other help
Action on Hearing Loss (Isle of Wight)
Action on Hearing Loss are continuing to provide service and support. However, some of their service provision has changed to fall in line with current Government guidelines.
Ring 01983 529533 or email
Wessex Cancer Trust-Isle of Wight
Support line for people affected by cancer or those who might be supporting somebody affected by cancer.
Help line is operational 10 am – 3 pm Mon – Thu on 01983 524186.
You can also email enquiries to:
Daisy Bus services
Transport links for Island Cancer patients receiving treatment at QA Hospital, Portsmouth and Southampton General Hospital
Running to amended timetables (meeting Red Funnel car ferry and Hovertravel hovercraft) and free of charge.
Please note: Call the minibus driver the day before travelling: Portsmouth: 0799 000 1072 or Southampton: 0774 777 6874
Cross Solent Travel Scheme – information provided by Wessex Cancer Trust
Wightlink and Red Funnel car ferries Cancer and Renal patients can now claim refunds on car ferry travel Red Funnel: £10.60 return (day return or period return) for ALL NHS patients via the booking centre. Pre-book.

Adult Social Care hotline for PAs for Covid19 queries
Advice for Personal Assistants
01983 821000 extn 6322
You can contact People Matter IW on: 01983 241494
Lines open 10.00am – 4.00pm Monday to Thursday and 10.00am – 1.00pm on Friday


Girlguiding HQ in London have this evening (16th March.) issued the following:

You will have seen the UK Government has today announced new measures around Coronavirus (COVID-19) and has advised against all non-essential travel and social contact.

We have taken the decision therefore, to suspend Girlguiding unit meetings with immediate effect.

Advice to all leaders is:-Please contact your girls’ parents to let them know your unit will not be meeting until further notice. We will also email parents tomorrow and provide updates on social media to support you in your own communications.

All enquiries will be contacted.


Girlguiding South West England is keeping up to date with the latest information from UK Government and Public Health England. If you have travelled from any of the affected countries where there’s a need to self-isolate, please do not attend a Girlguiding South West England event.
Please contact the Region office if you have any concerns.
We’ll update all attendees if any UK Government advice changes in any way that affects the event. To keep up to date with the latest information please refer to the Public Health England website.
Please follow links for more details look at the Public Health England website:…/organisations/public-health-england…/…/coronavirus-keeping-safe/

IW Council have also issued advice:

The symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are:
a high temperature
a cough
shortness of breath
Self-isolation means you should:
stay at home
not go to work, school or public places
not use public transport or taxis
ask friends, family members or delivery services to do errands for you
try to avoid visitors to your home – it’s OK for friends or family to drop off food for you. Alternatively, you can order by phone or online, such as through takeaway services or online shopping deliveries. However, make sure you tell the delivery driver that the items are to be left outside, or as appropriate for your home.
For more advice on self isolation visit NHS online

You may need to do this for up to 14 days to help reduce the possible spread of infection. For more information on the symptoms and steps to take, go to

For the latest advice for travellers returning from affected areas, plus guidance to schools and care homes, visit