Wight Marque, a new accreditation scheme for the Island’s local food and drink sector, was launched at the Cowes Food Show and at the same time, an Island-wide design competition was announced to create a new logo for the Wight Marque which will be used to identify authentic Isle of Wight produce.
Wight Marque will be owned and managed by the Royal Isle of Wight Agricultural Society and is part-sponsored by Red Funnel. Graham Biss, Vice Chairman of the Royal Isle of Wight Agricultural Society commented: “These days consumers are more and more concerned about the provenance of the food they eat and are also keen to support our local growers, farmers, fishermen, producers and processors.”
This launch of Wight Marque follows several months of consultation with Island food and drink businesses to ensure that the criteria being proposed, are fair and that the costs for participation offer good value for money. This scheme will be aimed at all parts of the food chain and includes places to eat and drink.
The Wight Marque design competition will be to discover a visual identity or logo for the Wight Marque itself. It will be used to identify authentic Isle of Wight produce and could be used in a diverse number of ways, from product packaging labels to window stickers, promotional materials and on a website.

This competition is open to anyone resident on the Isle of Wight, from professional designers to students with an emphasis on finding the best design idea. Do not worry too much if you don’t have the skills to complete a finished logo to professional standards, your concept can be refined and completed.

Overall, a winning design will in some way capture the concept and aims of the Wight Marque project, to promote the range of food and drink that comes from or is distinctive to the Island. It will also be used to promote places to eat and drink that feature Island produce on the menu.

Here are some other things to consider about a successful design. It should be:

• Distinctive and easily recognised
• Scalable (ie works effectively on a small label as well as a large poster)
• Able to be reproduced in black and white as well as colour

How to enter the competition
You will need to email your design together with any supporting description that you would like to include to the Wight Marque team in a PDF format by 5pm on Friday, 16th May 2014 to: design@wightmarque.co.uk

The prize
This is an opportunity to see your design used on products and services across the Island, from bottled beer to hotel menus. The organisers hope that you’ll agree that this is reward enough as both the Society and the Wight Marque project are being run on a not-for-profit basis so a cash prize would not be appropriate. You will however be a VIP guest of the Royal Isle of Wight Agricultural Society at this year’s County Show, where your design will be used to promote the new food pavilion.