This event has already happened.


1st Aid Course on 13th June 2018 -CANCELLED.

The Island Commissioners write:

If your First Aid Certificate is due to run out before Autumn 2018 can you please try to attend a First Aid Course before then.

Unfortunately if your certificate runs out by more than 28days you will have to attend a full course.

There are still many Adult members who have not sent us their First Aid  Certificate renewal date so that we can record this. If we did not received these details by the 30th March 2018 we have assumed you do not hold the qualification.

Please remember there must be at least one person with a valid 1st Response or equivalent First Aid training  qualification for every Unit Leadership team.

Obviously it is ideal for there to be more than one to ensure cover for absence etc. Volunteers who are under 18, including Young Leaders, cannot be the named first aider in the meeting place or at an event or activity.

If you have completed an external course that does not include child or adult CPR, then you should join part of a 1st Response or 1st Response Refresher course which covers this.

Everyone in a volunteer role with us is encouraged to complete 1st Response training. It is especially useful for Commissioners, Leaders, Young Leaders, Unit Helpers and Unit Occasional Helpers.

You can claim costs back from your unit.

Your 1st Response training is valid for three years from the date that you complete the course. After this time, you are asked to attend our 1st Response Refresher course to ensure your knowledge is up to date.

If you have not already done so could you please let us know when your own and members of your team’s First Aid is valid to.

Please encourage all members of your team to gain this qualification including young Leaders.

We will arrange further refresher courses and Full courses when we are made aware that there are enough members needing to take the course.